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Thelonious Drunk

For when your misery needs company (Or: A Look at the Modern Twentysomething)

Thelonious Drunk - The Comic
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Thelonious Drunk is a web-comic, updated with regularity, that chronicles the real lives of five friends. From the smallest mundane conversations to the craziest of the 100% Absolutely True Stories we are legendary for. From evenings on the couch watching Iron Chef to Ian impersonating a full blown med-student in order to assist a girl who was mauled by a pit bull...while he was naked and shit-housed; from Shawn's Ine-techesque Office Space situation to Mike and Grayson's foursome with James Mercer of The Shins fame's ex-girlfriend and her roommate in New Mexico; from Mike and Ian getting bat-shit drunk with Sean Penn in Memphis, Tennessee, to Colin being banned from the Waffle Shop for public exposure.

Needless to say, it's interesting.